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caring for people and
our planet

Join us on this journey as we work towards a more sustainable and equitable future, one project at a time.


Driving positive change through green solutions and humanitarian impact

Our mission is to make the world a better place to live. We do this in two ways:


Consulting on securing funding for general and humanitarian projects focused on underserved communities and developing nations.


Bringing green products and solutions to construction and infrastructure projects that reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable development.


Our work is our reputation, and we protect it with every project we do

In addition to our environmentally sustainable building products, Alora Alliance engages in a diverse arena of projects such as agriculture, housing and building construction, healthcare, technology, movie production, and more.

Project Funding Consulting

We provide visionaries with comprehensive guidance and support to secure the funding needed to bring their visions to life. We creatively fund projects through our extensive network of funding partners.

Green Products & Services

We firmly believe that sustainable development is the key to building a better future for generations to come. We supply energy-efficient construction and infrastructure products, including OMNI Block, our flagship product.

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Projects as diverse as our visionary entrepreneurs.  


We understand the immense potential that lies within visionary entrepreneurs and their ideas. However, we also recognize the challenges they face in accessing the necessary resources to turn their dreams into reality.

Our expert team works closely with these passionate individuals, providing comprehensive guidance and support to secure the funding required to bring their visions to life. 

Representative Projects

The projects featured below are illustrative of the types of visionary projects our clients seek our wisdom and support on to secure funding for their dreams.  

Medical Center

Limited access to quality healthcare remains a significant challenge for Africa, especially in rural and remote areas where infrastructure and medical resources are scarce. Insufficient healthcare funding, inadequate staffing, and a shortage of healthcare professionals further strain the system. Alora is helping our client secure funding for a 90-bed hospital that will provide health services to 26,000 people.

Hotel & Shopping Center

Unemployment remains a pressing issue across Africa, particularly among the youth. Alora is assisting our client with securing funding for a regional shopping, professional services, and entertainment center to create upwards of 200 new jobs. This project will hire and train local young people to work on the construction of the shopping center, providing them with new skills that will provide future economic security.

Medical Marijuana Farming

Medical marijuana farming is crucial for several reasons, primarily centered around the potential therapeutic benefits it offers to patients. Patients suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer-related symptoms, and other debilitating illnesses often find relief through the use of medical marijuana. Alora is assisting our client with securing funds to expand their operations to meet current and future demand.

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Supporting construction and infrastructure projects with sustainable earth-friendly products

sustainable and environmentally friendly construction

We believe sustainable development is the key to building a better future for generations to come. By integrating environmentally friendly practices and technologies into construction and infrastructure projects, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint while enhancing overall efficiency and resilience.

OMNI Block is our flagship product for constructing exterior walls. This concrete masonry product has proven to save time and costs while providing superior protection against hurricanes and other disasters.


OMNI Block

OMNI Block is an innovative, eco-friendly, and cost-saving concrete masonry exterior wall system for residential, industrial, civic, and institutional construction projects. 

OMNI Block – Revolutionizing construction projects

Eco-friendly, cost-saving exterior wall system

OMNI Block’s methodology is more streamlined, uses less rebar, grout and other materials, and
reduces overall construction time than other block products.

OMNI Block has proven the ability to build OMNI Block insulated buildings for less money than uninsulated buildings.

Representative OMNI Block Projects


Let’s construct something great together!

When it comes to your next construction project, exploring the possibilities offered by OMNI Block is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. With OMNI Block you’ll unlock significant material, labor, and time savings.

With exceptional durability and stunning aesthetic appeal, OMNI Block paves the way for creating homes and buildings that are both structurally sound and visually striking.

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